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How to Save


 Vegans do not eat meat and dairy products, the paleo diet will not find cereals and frutariáni change can not eat nothing but fruit. You may find some eating directions funny, but basically they have something in common. They all agree that fresh and unprocessed foods are much more beneficial for the body.

And they are cheaper. If you want to save on food, do n’t pay unnecessarily for:

  • packaging
  • advertising
  • foreign work.

For example, a finished pasta sauce in a glass had to be prepared, filled and delivered to the store where you bought it. In order to last a long time, there are also various ” E’s ” in it. And for all this you are unnecessarily paying.

According to Jessica Dalen from the Fight For Obesity you can easily prepare delicious and healthy food for one person for 20 crowns . However, the test of the editor proved that you can support the whole family for 30 CZK per day and person .

What to eat?


  • Eat more legumes. Legumes are cheap , nutritious and very underestimated. Try red lentil soup or bean spread.
  • Try our grandmothers’ ingredients. When was the last time you ate millet or buckwheat? You can get them for a few crowns , you can prepare them for salt and sweet, and the whole family eats.
  • Don’t buy sweets, bake at home. We like chocolate bars because they are full of sugar . But you don’t eat that, so you better bake a cake and have breakfast and a snack.
  • Drink water or make homemade lemonade. When you save, forget about lemonades, juices and other carbonated drinks Instead, sip water with fruit or herbs.
  • Replace some of the meat with soy or vegetables. Put soya meat in stew and broccoli in meatballs. It is a very good way to save on meat.
  • Return the eggs to the menu. Increasing cholesterol is a myth. Egg is an extremely valuable food that fills perfectly. Forget about the myth of raising cholesterol and eat it several times a week.
  • Grow your own herbs. They only need a little water and clay, and you don’t have to spend on flavors to reward them .

How to shop?


  • Buy as many raw materials as possible. The more you do it yourself, the more you save.
  • Choose mainly seasonal and local food. They are cheaper and have more valuable substances.
  • Shop in action. But not thoughtlessly! Get inspired by point 14.
  • Go for a snack and a shopping list. Shops are full of attractions, but you put in the basket just what you came for.
  • Do not avoid cheap brands with the store logo. They often have the same composition and manufacturers, but they are cheaper. See for yourself .
  • For meat, go to the butcher. It has more choice and you won’t pay for the package.

How to cook?

How to cook?

  • Plan your diet. Scroll through the event flyers over the weekend and plan a weekly menu based on the discounted items. Then just write a shopping list and go to the store.
  • Cook in bulk. It pays off and you can freeze the excess and then carry it in boxes for work for lunch.
  • Fill the freezer. Purchase whole chicken instead of chicken breast and cut it. Process the breasts, make the stock broth and freeze the rest. You will save several tens of crowns.
  • Just three ingredients. The best meals are usually the simplest. Get inspired by Italian cuisine.
  • Think about what you can do at home. Prepare homemade pasta , yogurt, or bake your own pastries . You will delight your wallet and taste buds.