Loan for housing or renovation

We are able to get money for our personal housing in several ways. The foremost is that we save on the property ourself with the help of parents of each young people (if they are a new couple). Very often, spouses beneath the age of 30 cannot purchase their own flat or home from their own because gathering such a large sum is extremely difficult.

They have to reach for a loan, the particular so-called home loan can be from the bank or a non-banking business. As the first option, we all recommend choosing a bank loan. This would give you clearer and fairer conditions. Unfortunately, more and more people will never reach it because they have got too low an income or have an adverse entry in the checker borrowers register. Then, of course, they have to turn away.

Loan for housing through the state

Home Loan

Even the condition is trying to promote better casing by several programs.

  • a program for that purchase of dwellings intended for young people up to 36 years old who take care of a child to the age of 6 – the utmost loan amount is CZK 600, 000.

Housing loan through Lender

Housing loan from Lender

It is not a home loan, you can use this loan one example is to renovate the kitchen, hygienic units or living room.

How much can I obtain?


  • up to CZK 1, 000, 000 without having real estate guarantee
  • negotiation and early payback is free
  • the possibility of postponing or modifying the installments to suit your needs

What paperwork do I have to prove?

You will need two identification documents (identity card, passport or driver’s license), invoice. Entrepreneurs must prepare a taxes to return for the past year. In case you are retired, you will need to submit a choice on your retirement and a free account statement.

The right way to do it?

You are able to fill in the application form directly any kind of time Vent-Lender branch.

  • it will be necessary to confirm your income, if you have it held with Lender, it will be confirmed by the bank itself, except if it is necessary to provide proof of revenue
  • your application is going to be evaluated and/or submitted the draft credit agreement
  • after signing you will end up transferred money to your account