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Renovation, modernization, expansion – no problem with home savings – Loans

There are three concepts we tend to confuse, though it doesn’t matter which one we want to tackle with a home saving solution. We have cracked the Synonym Dictionary for Home Saving and put our minds in order: what, what, why, how? Attention, clarifying post!

Buying and building new homes


It is perhaps a basic fact that home savings are not only good for buying and building new homes, but are also available for renovation, modernization or expansion.

Many people, however, still treat these terms as synonyms, though there are very significant differences between them. Take a deep breath, blow off the dust from the interpretive glossary (well … of Government Decree 253/1997 (XII. 20.)) and find the best solutions!




A construction activity that does not increase the volume of an existing structure, part of a structure, a separate unit of use, a room for proper and safe use and operational safety.
Examples include:

  • painting, decorating, renovation
  • wallpapering, parquet flooring, panel replacement
  • replacement of heating equipment
  • electricity network renovation

It is worth taking a real estate loan for a home renovation because we can apply for more favorable constructions than free loans!




the activity of rebuilding a building to make it fit for its intended and safe use, while preserving the original architectural design of the building or part thereof.

Extension : A construction activity that increases the volume of a structure.

Constructions such as the Good Finance Home Loan ( THM: 7.3-8.5%) may be the most ideal for the above . In addition, Good Finance created the calculator page optimized for mobile for the first time in the scene, where by specifying some parameters we can not only calculate our monthly repayment, but also request a callback, where (personal experience – ed.) We get answers to every conceivable question.