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You Have How Long You Can Make a Home Savings Contract – Credit Cash

If you are now in the process of entering into a home savings contract, read this article first to find out what home savings fund you can count on, and how long you can qualify for state support when you sign a new contract.

Yesterday’s announcement triggered dumping, and Good Finance branches have long queues for customers to sign a contract before the law voted today . The amendment may take effect tomorrow or Thursday, depending on when the President of the Republic signs the document.

Home Savings Bank you can place your last order today


If you are planning to open a home savings account with Goodbank, the following information is good to know:

  • state aid is not eligible for a housing savings contract entered into after the entry into force of the law,
  • in the case of an extension of the savings period of a home savings contract concluded before the entry into force of the Act, the State aid for the extended savings period shall not be due to the apartment savings provider, ie no State aid may be claimed for this extended savings period.

Changes to the law do not explicitly provide for ongoing renewal requests, and will be notified to clients after the law enters into force.

You can pick up orders at the Goodbank Household Savings Bank today, October 16th. The deadline for submitting contracts is the second working day following the conclusion of the contract, which is Thursday, 18 October. The Goodbank Website Opening Option is no longer available on the Goodbank website, so anyone planning to contract with Goodbank Home Savings via the Web should look for another option.

It is important that the housing savings contract concluded from the date of entry into force of the Act does not receive state aid, but the date of entry into force is still uncertain.

Housing Savings Bank, the contract for state aid must be signed today

Housing Savings Bank, the contract for state aid must be signed today

The E-Money Housing Savings Bank also emphasizes that on the day of its publication in the Hungarian Official Gazette, it is the last time a state-funded savings contract can be signed. This means that the contracting customer must sign the home savings bank offer no later than this day.

It is expected that the law will be published in the Bulletin today, so it is likely that it will only be possible to conclude a contract with state aid today. Bids already signed at the E-Money Home Savings Bank can be sent to the financial institution no later than October 19, Friday afternoon.

A new offer can be made today at Good Credit Housing Cash

The Good Credit Housing Fund also expects the President of the Republic to sign the amendment as soon as possible, so that the bill voted at noon today may come into effect tomorrow. The cashier will have three business days to submit the signed contracts, which is Friday the latest deadline for submitting documents. The benefits currently offered by the financial institution are available for as long as state aid is granted and are subsequently withdrawn.

Take advantage of the last moments and sign up for a 30% home savings contract! If you’ve been thinking about signing a contract for a long time and don’t want to miss out on the $ 72,000 a year in state aid, it’s time you won’t be able to get it on Thursday.